Google Nexus

Presented over at just 260g, this is the ideal tablet for flinging in a handbag and plunging down to the local convenience store, or is equally good at being a savior, with bunch of apps, a considerable whack of battery life and all new 7-inch IPS display with a quality resolution of 1920 x 1200 display with 323 ppi.

It is a sort of quite an expensive device when compared to the previous version, with prices starting at $285 for the 16GB choice and $345 for the 32GB alternative. It is worthwhile to refresh the fact that the OS uses a segment of that space too, to let the Android 4.4 KitKat to do well. Also, there is a 4G choice.Google Nexus 7 – A Decent Deal For Your Money

However, it has some top of the range features. It has a low-risk upgrade plan and is created in a manner that gives a feeling of high quality and is vigorous to forget about the surroundings. Multi-tasking is speedy and has a great user interface. That is definitely a wonderful mix to the eyes. When it comes to the more rational among you, seeking out an upright tablet device, the brand new Nexus 7 is an incredible choice with a good deal.

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