Know How To Preserve Your Smartphone Battery Life

Mobile phones have multiple functionalities furnished with powerful mobile operating systems. People browse the net, click pictures, play games, stream videos, listen to songs, chat via social m22essengers and do much more. It is no wonder that the mobile battery life is very low. It is a very important concern for the Smartphone providers to come up with powerful battery backup. We know that reducing screen brightness and avoiding vibration can keep the battery life longer. Here you can see other best methods to employ in order to conserve the battery life.

Cool Temperature

When the Smartphones are warm, the battery drains out rapidly. Prevent scenarios where the mobile phone gets into a direct contact with the hot sun. Do seek for a cooler atmosphere to get optimum battery function.

Control Notifications

With continuous access to the net, we are likely to receive notifications on our mobile phones constantly, be it is the upgrades on most recent reports, emails, extensions for applications, etc. Not only is it irritating to receive unrelated notifications, and furthermore, it is a power consumer for each of such notifications. Every inbound notification will utilize your display, give vibration or sound alert. Regulate your settings to obstruct unwanted notifications.


Switch of Connectivity Platforms when not in use

In low connectivity zones, the Smartphone will continuously try connecting to good signal. In the process, it consumes more amount of battery power. It is necessary to switch off the phone or to switch to Airplane Mode, when not in use, to prevent this issue. Also, if you are not browsing the net or sharing files, it is recommended to switch off Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS connections to save battery power. It is better to switch off your phone when you are at meeting and sleeping.

Stop Redundant Apps

Multi-tasking is one of the best features in Smartphones. We use many apps at a time and often forget to close them after use. It consumes more battery power and makes your phone slow. It is necessary to kill the apps after use.

Perfect Battery Charge

There are two types of batteries usually used in Smartphones – Lithium-ion and Nickel based batteries. In order to keep your battery long lasting, discover more about the type of battery your smartphone has and sustain the ideal charging approach for the best utilization.

Reduce Screen Timeout

As long as the screen stays lit, the battery gradually reduces its power. So it is must to reduce the screen timeout. It is recommended to lock the phone so that the display goes to sleep immediately after usage.

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