The Hopper from DISH has been the most technologically-advanced among all DVRs since it’s inception. Once again, DISH has impressed us this year at 2016 CES with their Hopper 3, which is now available to new and existing customers.

Adds More Tuners

You thought recording 6 shows at once was cool? How about 16? That’s right, this mega capacity DVR lets you watch and record up to 16 shows and movies at the same time. So pretty much, unless you live in a mansion with 37 TVS and have a ridiculously large family, you’ll never miss recording something or not be able to watch what you want.

User Experience

Reviews so far have been positive about the all new designed layout of the menu system and guide. It’s more intuitive, has predictive search and is easy-to-use. They claim it is 7 times faster than the previous model so the menu/guide responds as soon as you press a button on your remote – no more lag.

4K Ready

Be confident if you switch to DISH that your DVR will be ready to display 4K resolution programming. Not a lot of 4K content is available yet because it requires hardware to be ready, studios to shoot in 4K and broadcasters to send the 4K signal. So there’s a lot that is required, but the nice thing is your DVR won’t be holding you back when more 4K content is available.

Unconventional But Awesome Remote

The new remote is much smaller and different than most other remotes. It now has a touch pad in place of the usually number buttons, and it illuminates. Not only that but it has voice recognition. You can speak to it!

Interested in getting the new Hopper 3? It only comes with DISH. Here’s a great review of the similarities and differences between DISH Network and DirecTV:

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